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Kitchen Remodels

We deliver budget-friendly kitchen renovations to high-end commercial kitchens. Below are some of the most common elements our customers consider for their kitchen remodel:

  • Kitchen layout: One wall, galley, L-shape, Horseshoe, island, peninsula

  • Cabinetry & Storage: cabinets, Islands, pantry closet, pull-out door pantry, bookshelves

  • Countertops: Laminate, stone, concrete

  • Backsplash: painted, tile, mosaic, copper

  • Sink: Farmhouse, apron-front, integrated, secondary prep sink, deep sink, dual-bay

  • Appliances: Wine cooler, # of burners on stovetop, range hood, refrigerator, oven(s), microwave, dishwasher(s)

  • Island: Appliance placement, workflow, seating

  • Lighting: General lighting, accent lighting, spotlighting, skylights or windows for natural sunlight and ventilation

  • Electrical: Electrical outlets, charging stations, and in-wall speakers

The cost for a kitchen renovation largely depends on the materials and elements included in the kitchen remodel. In 2020, a budget-friendly kitchen renovation typically cost between $12,000 to $40,000. Higher-end kitchen remodels typically cost between $40,000 to $350,000.

Do you need help designing your kitchen renovation?

If you don’t already have a design plan, our estimators can provide general design guidance or we can recommend several interior designers. We realize renovation choices are permanent and important decisions. We do our best to accommodate your goals whether it be for maximum efficiency, enjoyment, or return on investment.

The designers we’ve partnered with have extensive residential design experience and help you determine design elements and coordinate materials and finishes that are the “best bang for the buck” or “of the highest quality.” Our designers provide detailed 3D imaging of plans so you can decide before construction begins. It’s important to visualize your ideas and it will save time, money, and materials.

Tips to get started working with a designer for your kitchen renovation.

Write a summary describing your purpose for remodeling your home. What elements do you like and or dislike about your home? What elements or ideas do you like and dislike about other homes or design ideas? Prioritize your ideas into a category of needs (necessary and must have) and a category of wants (desired, but not absolutely necessary).

  • Identify and save pictures from Houzz, Instagram, and Houzz to show the designer elements and projects that you like and may want to emulate. Try to be consistent with your favorite photos so the designer can identify your style. Share and discuss ideas with your designer. Most importantly, be open-minded to proposed changes to match your budget, maximize functionality, or incorporate new ideas.

  • Successful renovations always start with an established budget and project deadline. Communicate this early and often with your designer and general contractor. They will communicate which elements can be completed within your budget and timeframe and which will require additional resources.

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